Alternative energy for the 21st century.

Rockaway residents, still without power, are coming into the light thanks to solar-panneled trucks

Many Rockaway residents, still without power, are coming into the light thanks to the solar-panneled trucks that have rolled into their storm-savaged communities. Solar energy could play an important role in helping to fuel the recovery of the Rockaways, about a third of which was still without power on Wednesday, LIPA officials said. Commercial trucks, …Continue reading

Solar Spin Cell Packs 20 Times More Electricity

An incredible US based company called V3Solar has come up with an incredible new idea in solar energy.  First they made their solar cell in a cone shaped configuration that spins which eliminates the need for complicated tracking systems to tilt cell to track the sun.  This design allows the units to always get a good angle …Continue reading

SolarWorld confident as U.S. nears decision on Chinese solar panels

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. solar panel producers, who have already won preliminary duties on billions of dollars of solar panel imports from China, appear well positioned to win longer-term relief in coming weeks as the U.S. government makes its final decisions. The high-profile case, which has been copied by producers in Europe and spawned threats …Continue reading

Two-Thirds Of Solar Panels Installed Worldwide In 2011 Were In Europe, Report Says

While the U.S. prepares to hand over $197 million in government funding to solar power start-up SoloPower, a new report from the European Union’s Joint Research Centre indicates that the vast majority ofsolar panels installed worldwide in 2011were placed in Europe. Two-thirds of solar panels — 18.5 gigawatts — were installed in Europe last year, a project that …Continue reading

Southwest needs power lines to become solar hub

Pick any stretch of road slicing through the American Southwest. The sun beats down on the asphalt like nowhere else and heat waves distort the landscape. It’s here, in these open expanses, that experts say is a massive untapped source of energy that could meet the nation’s growing needs. But only if developers can get …Continue reading

Solar power catching up with conventional energy

If India’s conventional power sector, particularly coal-based thermal power projects, has found itself squarely stuck under the long shadow of governmental inefficiencies and suspect allocation mechanisms, there is a drastically different story unfolding in the country’s solar energy sector. The rising cost of conventional power, largely driven by increasing raw material exports and the growing …Continue reading

5 Tips for Homeowners Considering Solar Energy Systems

Don’t be fooled by high-profile solar US companies going out of business. Solar system installations are booming and can still help you save on your heating or cooling costs. The U.S. solar industry had its second-best quarter in history and is expected to install as much solar power in 2012 as the ten years before …Continue reading

Solar energy tax credit may not be a bad move for the US

Tax credit a subject of political controversy Alternative energy is becoming an increasingly political affair. This is particularly the case with solar energy, which has managed to gain a great deal of support over the past few years. Solar energy has established a strong foothold in many parts of the world, where its economic potential is …Continue reading

Geothermal Energy’s Trouble Competing With Solar

A geothermal power plant can deliver electricity day or night and help California utilities meet the state’s renewable energy mandate. But geothermal energy developers in California are feeling a bit left out these days. Why? Because utilities and state regulators are putting a premium on solar energy when they evaluate and approve power purchase agreements …Continue reading

Solar power project on Bloomington Ikea store completed

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea said Tuesday that it officially connected a solar power system to its store in Bloomington. The company said the 142,000 square foot array of solar panels will eventually generate 1.2 million kilowatt hours worth of electricity a year, the equivalent of powering 100 homes yearly. It is currently the largest solar …Continue reading

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